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Colorless Shellac

Alcohol-soluble, transparent and quick-drying resin-based varnish, ideal for waterproofing materials such as MDF, plaster, ceramics, wood, paraffin, styrofoam, paper, leather, cork, etc. Recommended for preparing surfaces and parts that will receive paint or other varnishes that are not alcohol-based.

Also suitable for varnishing gold leaf, as it has a shiny and transparent finish.

Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1L.

Plaster Powder

Inart Plaster Powder is a water-soluble product that you can add to other pigments, thus taking advantage of its components.

It can also be mixed with type V7 glue to prepare backgrounds on fabrics, wood, etc.

The mixing ratio with water is approximately 2 measures of plaster for 1 measure of water.

Available in 1kg.

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china clay

Porcelain powder that, when mixed with type V7 glue, results in a modeling paste suitable for: all types of crafts, collages on plaster, fabrics, linen, cotton, cardboard, paper, wood, tiles, etc.

Dissolves with water.

Available in 1kg.

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